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Biopolitique du diagnostic clinique dans l’enfance

VERSION ESPAGNOLE : VERSION FRANÇAISE : In this presentation, I wanted to describe my work as a psychologist in the school counseling schools and tried to question our clinical practice from the perspective of institutional psychotherapy and Lacanian psychoanalysis and Reichian. My therapeutic work is not really necessary for the Government. Government prefers that we address first to give clinical information to the administration and parents. The problem does not matter, it’s the (...)

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La biopolitique du diagnostic clinique dans l’enfance

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A propos de "Les usages politiques du corps". Université d’été du 25 au 30 aout 2014 en Albanie.
New ethnic identifications are not created out of nowhere nor are they natural appearances of historic roots but usually follow a certain strategy which fulfills certain needs. One of the needs can be the avoidance of racist stereotypes. This is the case with Egyptians and Ashkali who try to (...)
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