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Rappel pratique

Dear friends,

Some digests or summaries of your presentations at the Summer Universities have not been sent to us yet - please send them as soon as possible, we need them for the preparation of the definitive version of the programme.

We remind you that we also need English translations of the papers for those who will make their presentations in other languages than English.

You also can confirm the day and time of your arrival at the airport in Tirana, so that we can pick you up. If you arrive with another means of transportation or at another place, please let us know too.

Most of the participants will be accommodated at the students residence, in Korça.

All the best,


Sylvie Parquet icietailleurs.nomade

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A propos de "Les usages politiques du corps". Université d’été du 25 au 30 aout 2014 en Albanie.
New ethnic identifications are not created out of nowhere nor are they natural appearances of historic roots but usually follow a certain strategy which fulfills certain needs. One of the needs can be the avoidance of racist stereotypes. This is the case with Egyptians and Ashkali who try to (...)
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