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Photography : on "facification" and "nudity"

« The nudity of the human body is its image — that is, the trembling that makes this body knowable but that remains, in itself, ungraspable. Hence the unique fascination that images exercise over the human mind. » Nudity, Giorgio Agamben

This research will be developed from the concepts « facification » and « nudity », concepts that can be of interest in the study of the photographic image, and which concern their appropriation by different « epistemic » dimensions. Contemporary of modernity and apart from the traditional categories of Fine Arts, the difficulty to integrate photography into a specific territory of image is in the fact that it is the product of an « apparatus » with its own formal and conceptual territory. Through portraiture in photography a logic of « public image » was created, whose doubles become meagre representations of ourselves in society. These images appear denuded of political force and content. Be it a will to systematize knowledge characteristic of the archive typification or be it the fetishist look of the society of spectacle, this instrument of so called accuracy and truth constituted the perfect tool to fulfill the different passing urgencies of the world. Contrasting two ways of « using » photographic registers of clinical analysis, we propose to think photography in its own terms, confronting an ethnographic, medical, criminal relation to these registers and a « curious » relation expressed by artists Maria Klonaris and Katerina Thomadaki.

A propos de "Les usages politiques du corps". Université d’été du 25 au 30 aout 2014 en Albanie.
New ethnic identifications are not created out of nowhere nor are they natural appearances of historic roots but usually follow a certain strategy which fulfills certain needs. One of the needs can be the avoidance of racist stereotypes. This is the case with Egyptians and Ashkali who try to (...)
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