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"From disciplined body to managed body"

In a lectures recently published (la Société Punitive), Michel Foucault shows how, from the end of XVIIe century, the workers body was disciplined by a series of techniques to enable it to be more performant in different institutions : workshops, schools, army and so on. In my thesis work I showed how certain elements of these disciplines were used in sexual practices, notably in view of birth control. These practices were political because considered as subversions of "the procreation order" defined by the Church, protected by the State. Today we live in a totally different context and we can say that the body is no longer disciplined but "managed" : WE have to control and perform our body as our emotions, our feelings, our gestures. We manage our body as our career, as a symbol of our personal achievement or failure. My speech will be about this new form of management of the body by examining a series of books of personal achievement and human ressources. But I will also focalize on the different possibilities of political counter-conducts opened by this new regime of body/power.

A propos de "Les usages politiques du corps". Université d’été du 25 au 30 aout 2014 en Albanie.
New ethnic identifications are not created out of nowhere nor are they natural appearances of historic roots but usually follow a certain strategy which fulfills certain needs. One of the needs can be the avoidance of racist stereotypes. This is the case with Egyptians and Ashkali who try to (...)
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