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Pro et contra nature, the body as identity

Human body has its history in philosophical (relation boody - spirit), theoretical(essentialism – anti-essentialism) and practical point of view, with a significantinfluence on societal processes.As a biological foundation of an individual, the body has been in the focus ofresearch within the identity theories. This in particular, in according the genderidentity, considering the all complexity of the relation between the biological base,individual reflection and social reaction.The paper will analyze (I) biological v.s. social approach of the body in the processof creating modern identity ; (II) naturalization of female body as a social processthat has brought biopolitics of gender relations within the modernity ; (III) socialperspective without gender assets.

A propos de "Les usages politiques du corps". Université d’été du 25 au 30 aout 2014 en Albanie.
New ethnic identifications are not created out of nowhere nor are they natural appearances of historic roots but usually follow a certain strategy which fulfills certain needs. One of the needs can be the avoidance of racist stereotypes. This is the case with Egyptians and Ashkali who try to (...)
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